Individuals, what about me ?

There has been much talk about assistance for businesses but for individuals – some things you should consider doing now


  1. Register for myGov (if you haven’t already), while you might not need it now, if you need to avail yourself of any of the financial stimulus measures which are available, most of these start with myGov;
  2. Stay informed – know what you are eligible for, especially from a Centrelink perspective.  The rules are changing, almost daily, so make sure you keep up to date;
  3. Keep receipts and logs of hours you are working from home – when it comes to 2020 tax time you may well have claims available to you which were not previously, below is a link to an ATO factsheet on home office claims which is not a bad starting point.  If in doubt, please get in contact with us to discuss;
  4. Review your PAYGI, this may be able to be varied for March; and
  5. Contact us if you have any queries or wish to clarify what you may be entitled to.



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