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Electronic Document Transfers

In the interests of efficiency and security we have introduced a new secure Client Portal called Nimbus.  This will help us to gather all the information we need from you in order to provide our service, will allow us to securely share files and documents with you, and will allow you to digitally sign documents in a secure manner.  We believe it will have significant benefits for you

We do appreciate that not everyone may be comfortable with this, so if you wish, you can simply get your information to us in the normal way.

What do I need to do to use this system?

Accept the Nimbus invitation which you will already have received or will do soon, please check your spam emails in case the invitation has been misallocated (get in touch if you haven’t received this and would like to setup your access now).  Please follow the instructions in the email and setup your Nimbus login and password.  We will then be able to start sharing information with you.

Electronic Document Signing

We are also pleased to now be able to offer you the simplicity, convenience and security of signing financial and other PDF documents online.  It means you no longer have to waste time, paper and ink unnecessarily printing documents out, signing them, then scanning them back into an electronic format again before uploading them back to us.

It also means you can sign your documents on a smart phone or iPad so you don’t even have to be in your office.

Here’s how it works:


1 Register your signature with our secure portal (once only) There is a quick and simple registration process (similar to registering your signature at a bank when you open an account).  It ensures the security and integrity of all documents you subsequently sign.
2 View documents and ‘Apply Signature’ when satisfied Whenever we send you a link to an electronic document you need to sign, you simply log in to our secure portal and view the document as normal. Then, if satisfied, click the ‘Apply Signature’ button and type in your private pin number.

It is secure because we can prove that only you (ie: whoever has access to your email address, your portal and knows your private pin number) could have signed the document.  We can also prove that the document has not been changed since you signed it.


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