Its tax time again already…what do I need to provide to my accountant this year?

By now you should have received your payment summaries, invoices and statements for the 2018 year (unless you have investments in managed portfolios, these may not be available until Sep/Oct)

We are often asked, what information do you need?  Is it okay if we just email it to you? How do I get my backup to you?

So, yes electronic records are great – we can generally work with whatever format you have these in and if we have any suggestions for improving these, we will let you know as part of our overall service to you.  If unsure of how to transmit the information to us, just give us a call.

Do I need to send you every receipt I have?

No, you need to keep these, but generally we don’t need to see them all – provided your summary records accurately describe the amount and provide sufficient information. However, if in doubt or the amount is sizeable, send us the documentation (electronic is again fine).  There are now many electronic record keeping packages which allow you to upload your receipts as part of the processing – if this is of interest to you, get in touch so we can explain further.

To help you gather your preliminary information, we have put together some checklists which may assist you in this process.  These are not all encompassing but will certainly point you in the right direction and may even give you some food for thought on areas you may not yet have considered.

For individual tax returns:

Individuals Tax Return Checklist

For businesses (of all types and sizes):

Business Information Checklist

For further information please contact Stacey or Ross at Astro Tax, our details are contained in the attached:

Astro Tax Flyer




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