Superannuation – careful review warranted for both employers and employees

It has been relatively well publicised that recently the Federal Government announced they would be looking to introduce a 12 month amnesty (free of interest and penalties) for employers to make sure their superannuation guarantee requirements have been met and are up to date.

So, if you are an employer…take note, it doesn’t take much to connect the dots and realise what comes after this amnesty – audits, rigorous scrutiny and no remission of interest or penalties.  If in doubt, contact us so we can help you review your position and make sure you have made all of the correct payments.

Equally, to all employees – have you checked your superannuation accounts for the last few years – are you sure your employer/s have paid the correct amount of superannuation for you?  It’s your money so don’t ignore or assume – check now, before its too late and you miss out…

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